Power Brands

Program Details

We have now extended the rewards claiming period to 25th November 2017 11:59 PM AEDT


How To Earn Points

Purchase any product featured in this brochure from your local NCW Wholesaler and you will automatically start earning points. Earn a minimum of 3,500 points over the promotional period to claim a reward.

Tracking Your Points

You can track your points online by logging into the Power Brands website www.powerbrands.com.au points will be updated on a weekly basis with your current NCW point’s total.

Buying Periods

To give you a broader product range on which you can earn points, we have split the program into 3 periods, allowing you to earn reward points on products purchased:

Period 1:    1st July – 31st July 2017

Period 2:    1st August – 31st August 2017

Period 3:    1st September – 30th September 2017

How To Claim A Reward

At the conclusion of the program if you have earned the minimum 3,500 points you are eligible to claim a reward. You may do this online by logging into the Power Brands website www.powerbrands.com.au.


Claiming Periods

You can claim a reward through the Power Brands website at any time between the start of the Power Brands program and the end of the Final Claiming period. Any unclaimed point will be forfeited

FINAL CLAIMS: All other claims must be processed through the website by the 11th of November 2017.

Bonus Points

You can earn 100 BONUS points for claiming your prize online at www.powerbrands.com.au AND another 100 BONUS points for updating your email address through the website.

Contact your NCW wholesaler

You can get your username and password by contacting your local NCW Wholesaler, or

Contact NCW head office

Alternatively, go to the CONTACT US page. NCW will email you back your LOGIN details.